Wedding photography is constantly reinvented. So many moments in the couple’s life deserve to be immortalized – and anniversaries are definitely one of them. After years have gone by, a certain time comes that calls for a memory refreshment. Creating evidence of your long-term marital bliss is something you will most certainly not regret. Isn’t it funny how your mind tends to go back to all the emotions, ideas, and thoughts you had on your special day when you look at your wedding album? Well, if you choose to do an anniversary photo session, those photos will take you right at that time when your love has matured and your bond got even stronger.

That’s exactly why Andrew and Hannah set their hearts on doing an anniversary photo session at the National Gallery of Canada. To leave tangible proof that their marriage didn’t kill love and ruin their romance. As an experienced Ottawa wedding photographer, I can say – quite the opposite! The session was filled with spontaneity, ease, and a loving connection that absolutely conquered my lenses. Moreover, the location perfectly matched their long-standing relationship and beautiful alliance, and it was ideal for an indoor winter photo session.

Hannah and Andrew's outfits for their anniversary photo session were a reflection of their personalities and style. Hannah opted for a champagne silky midi dress, show-stealing white big-bow heels, and a natural hair and makeup look. Andrew, on the other hand, looked super-smart in a dark two-piece suit, a contrasting waistcoat, and a classic white shirt. This is one of the joys of anniversary photo sessions – the freedom to express your unique style and be as creative, formal, or easygoing as you want.

During the photo session, I took a hands-off approach, allowing Andrew and Hannah to be themselves. They strolled the National Gallery of Canada corridors, holding hands and sharing smiles while I discreetly captured every romantic move and emotion. It was one of those times when being an Ottawa wedding photographer was a joy, considering their spontaneity and energy. They paused at the stairs for a sweet forehead kiss, then climbed to the top for a posed shot that captured a movie-like moment.

The next stop was a small indoor garden in the National Gallery of Canada. Hannah took a romantic swirl while I hit the capture button to catch every candid instance. The photos show how truly free-spirited they were at the session, sharing hugs, kisses, and loving glimpses. At one point, Andrew lifted his wife in the air for a more than memorable smooch – something I had to catch to get on camera. He continued improvising by carrying Hannah on his back while they giggled.

We ended the session with a hand-in-hand walk, catching the sky-high windows of the National Gallery of Canada, portraying the grandiosity of the venue and the heartwarming connection of the two love birds. It was a real pleasure and an absolute honor to be the artist of Andrew and Hannah’s milestone. With this anniversary photo session, they will have an everlasting testimony of how their love bloomed years after saying ‘I do’.

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