Majors Hill Park Photo Session
Majors Hill Park Photo Session
Majors Hill Park Photo Session

Photos from your special day will be your most treasured keepsake, which is why you need to find the ideal Ottawa wedding photographer. However, deciding on the one may not be as simple as it sounds. I’m sure you’ve started your initial research, but after seeing all the available options, you may have been overwhelmed, pausing the process altogether.

Firstly, you shouldn’t rush with your decision for your Ottawa wedding photographer. They are responsible for capturing all the moments from your celebration, so you need a professional who you fully trust. For that reason, I have created a simple guide to help you choose, as you need to note of the following aspects.

Understanding Different Photography Styles

Every photographer shoots in a specific wedding photography style. From editorial to monochromatic, you have a lot of options to choose from, and photographers even like to mix them up, so you don’t have to settle for one. Still, documentary wedding photography in Ottawa seems to be the most popular choice, as there’s no heavy posing involved. Instead, your Ottawa wedding photographer will capture all the special celebration moments so you can relive them at any time you want! With that, looking into photographers who shoot in this style is a good idea.

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Researching Local Ottawa Photographers

There’s no need to book photographers, or any other vendor for that matter, across different states. Always strive to choose local vendors as they have plenty of insight regarding other aspects of wedding planning, which will surely come in handy.

With that, local Ottawa photographers will not only provide their services, but they also might suggest Ottawa wedding venue recommendations, as well as vendor suggestions. This way, communication will be way more straightforward, so you can easily achieve your envisioned wedding.

The Pre-Wedding Consultation

Once you’ve set your eye on a particular Ottawa wedding photographer, book a meeting with them to find out what you can expect. Think of this as an interview - ask about their wedding photography style, budget, photo delivery, and so forth. By being thorough, you will narrow down your search, and your ideal local Ottawa photographer will come directly to you!

Budget Considerations

I cannot stress enough how important it is to be mindful of your budget. It’s very easy to go over your limit, so be vigilant about how much you’re spending. With that in mind, when you’re choosing your Ottawa wedding photographer, make sure they’re in your price range. While going a bit over is considered okay, don’t take any big leaps - trust me on this one.

The Contract and Terms

While logistics may be the most boring part of wedding planning, you simply can’t brush them off. Once you find a suitable Ottawa wedding photographer, read the contract and terms carefully to know exactly what you’re getting. It’s also recommended they have liability insurance as well to prevent any unwanted occurrences.

Ottawa-Specific Considerations

Ottawa is unique as it comes, and because you’re planning a wedding here, you need to be mindful of things like the weather conditions and permits for some of the best wedding photo locations in Ottawa. For instance, some photographers may suggest shooting at a specific spot requiring a permit, so you must take care of it before your session. In this case, ask whether your Ottawa wedding photographer handles this or if it should be you.

By following these points, you’ll have no trouble choosing the perfect Ottawa wedding photographer. Remember - don’t rush the process and pick someone who is professional but you also like on a personal level.

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