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Sarah Dja, Ottawa wedding photographer

My thoughtful approach to capturing your genuine connection allows you to focus on your partner and loved ones.

My thoughtful approach to capturing your genuine connection allows you to focus on your partner and loved ones.

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Do we meet before the wedding/event?

I make sure to the couple or at least the bride to discuss details, planning and to get to know each other. I find that it helps improve your experience on the day of the event as it helps you feel more comfortable with your photographer. I also encourage my couples to book an engagement session with me before the event, if possible. I recognize that we all have busy schedules and the convenience of Zoom calls has made it easier for everyone with an internet connection to meet.

What is your shooting and editing style?

My style of shooting is a mix of posed and candid photographs. I try to capture your special day as authentically as possible while making you feel at ease. There are certain moments of the day that call for me being a fly on the wall and capturing events as they unfold, while there are other moments where I take the lead and give you directions on how to pose! My style is light, warm and romantic, with pink undertones.

What is a privacy fee and why do you charge one?

There is a 20% fee I charge to keep your photos completely offline. It is calculated based on your total amount charge on your invoice.

How many photos do we receive, do we get to choose them and when do I get them?

The number of photos received can vary and it depends on a lot of factors (e.g. lightning, location, etc), but I usually provide approximately 60 to 80 photos per hour of coverage.
When taking photos, I can capture up to 3000 pictures during an 8 hour wedding day. I then go through the process of choosing the photos one by one with the goal of choosing the very best, flattering photos that are full of emotion.

Where are you located?

I am based in Ottawa, Ontario. I also offer my services in Montreal, QC and Toronto, ON. Applicable travel fees will apply outside of the Ottawa-Gatineau area.

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