Sarah Dja, Ottawa wedding photographer

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Welcome to my world!

I am Sarah, an Ottawa wedding photographer, graphic designer, and hopeful romantic. I pour myself into my work and I feel everything from the excitement of my couples, to their relief at the end of their big day, to the proudness of their parents and loved ones; making my work personal and intimate.

I am incredibly passionate about the craft of photography. Over several years, I have strived to elevate my professional skill set and continue to do so everyday. The more I learn about photography, the more I get excited about capturing the essence of life moments, especially the small glimpses of your special occasion . I consider it such a privilege to be able to enter my couple's intimate moments. I approach my shoots as a professional but also as a friend and a member of your family. I am there to capture your special occasion and help the day go more seamlessly.

I like to plan everything but I can easily go with the flow and improvise. My years of experience made improvising very easy.

Ottawa Wedding Photographer

My way

My thoughtful approach to capturing your genuine connection allows you to focus on your partner and loved ones.

Ottawa photographer

A Few Things about your Photographer

Authentic, Warm and Airy Wedding Photographs

I was a Covid bride, we celebrated our union in a very small and intimate photo session in Montreal.

I am a mama to a 3 year old kitty and a one year old sassy daughter.

Ottawa wedding photographer
Ottawa wedding photographer

I LOVE to cook but when I don’t feel like cooking, I mainly only eat Vietnamese food, so fresh and flavorful!

I am an extroverted introvert. Being with people gives me so much energy but I often feel drained and I need a few days by myself to get back at it.

I believe that happiness is in the little things. I believe that we should make daily details special.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read up about your future photographer! Please scroll down if you are interested in booking a session, or just want to say hello!