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I am Sarah, a wedding photographer, graphic designer, and hopeful romantic. I pour myself into my work and I feel everything from the excitement of my couples, to their relief at the end of their big day, to the proudness of their parents and loved ones; making my work personal and intimate.

I am incredibly passionate about the craft of photography. Over several years, I have strived to elevate my professional skill set and continue to do so everyday. The more I learn about photography, the more I get excited about capturing the essence of life moments, especially the small glimpses of your special occasion . I consider it such a privilege to be able to enter my couple's intimate moments. I approach my shoots as a professional but also as a friend and a member of your family. I am there to capture your special occasion and help the day go more seamlessly.

I like to plan everything but I can easily go with the flow and improvise. My years of experience made improvising very easy; I know what matters the most, what to look for.

Wedding and lifestyle photographer in Montreal, QC and Ottawa ON.

I treat my clients like family before anything else.
What I promise:
- Capture your moments: honest and raw
- Treat you like family
- Celebrate with you
- Help you and your loved ones as much as I can
- To be completely honest and transparent

I pride myself with my level of customer service.

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Behind the scenes

I'm also a proud geek!

Did you know that most of a wedding photographer's work happens after your big day?! For a typical 8 hour wedding, it takes roughly 16 hours of post-production. I work on perfecting all your memories in a subtle yet magical way; from lighting, to colour correction, to small details. Everything is worked closely on.

Wedding and lifestyle photographer in Montreal, QC and Ottawa ON.

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Let me help you make your big day extra special!