So you decided to go ahead and book that photo session that you have been thinking of doing for so long. Whether its a couple session, a family session or even a branding/portrait session, these tips and tricks will help you choose the ideal outfit to achieve amazing photos. When it comes to what to wear for a family photo session, make sure you plan ahead. Your choice of outfit will help determine the overall look of your photos. For that reason, make sure you choose outfits that represent who you are and you feel comfortable in. Opt for a cohesive look and dress in outfits that will allow your photos to feel timeless. A small trick is to think of your home decor. If you ever want to print your beautiful pictures and hang them on your walls, ask yourself if your pictures would match with your overall look of your home or if they would it clash with your decor.

Things to remember when choosing your outfit:

  • Wear clothes that make you feel like you are comfortable
  • Tie everything together with a colour scheme
  • Choose pastels, cool colors, and neutral tones
  • Your outfits should complement each other, but not match
  • Opt for a classic look rather than trendy looks
  • Think about the season
Montreal downtown engagement session
Chateau l'ambroisie couple photo session
Sunrise couple session in Montreal


The idea is to have your photos look harmonious and balanced. One thing to keep in mind is that you do not have to wear the same exact colour. Although using the same colour family works well and a harmonious color scheme is even better. In addition, sometimes wearing a pop of colour can have a great effect and tie everything together; That pop of colour can be a piece of clothing or a simple accessory.

Keep in mind your skin complexion, as warm colours and deep colours complement darker skins very well. As for fairer skin tones, purples, blues and berries are usually a good match. These are suggestions, however you should know your skin complexion and what works best with it. You can also consider wearing that dress or shirt that you get complements on every time you wear it. Although it is true that contrast can be good and sometimes necessary in photos, it can also be a risky decision.


Another option would be to have a similar style. Make sure you and the others in the photos match the overall “feel” of the look you would like. For example, if the groom chooses a very structured shirt go for a flowy dress to balance it out or for a very structured dress to complement.

If you opt for a dressy outfit, it does not have to be a suit and tie and a very proper dress but something you would typically wear to a nice dinner or to a friends wedding. In my opinion, the best casual outfits for a women is a maxi summer dress and for the cooler months a sweater and nice jeans. That flowy dress is beautiful in the summer, on an alley in the Old Port of Montreal, a lavender field, or in a park. If you are a sneaker person, ditch the heels and the loafers. Or if you rarely accessorize your outfit, it is not the time to wear a chunky necklace you received last year for your birthday out.

A few color scheme ideas

Tan and White
Orange and Teal
Light Blue, Tan, White
Blue, Green, Yellow

My last advice is to stay true to yourself! The photo session you are preparing for is to capture the amazing person you are