When planning the timeline for your special day, allotting time for the wedding party photos is essential. Besides the couples and their family members, it's important to dedicate time for the photoshoot of the gorgeous bridesmaids and the groomsmen. Why? The groom's crew plays a big role in the wedding, giving toasts during the reception and keeping the event lively while supporting the couple throughout the celebrations. So, when it's time to take groomsmen photos, plan for a variety of poses and special candid moments that will let their personalities shine. 

Today, I have rounded up the tips for successfully capturing groomsmen photos for the wedding day. Browse through the list before you are ready to rock the big day.

Make it a Fun Experience for the Wedding Party.

When it comes to capturing the men, pay attention to their natural selves. Although taking posed photos is great, they’ll feel much more comfortable “doing their own thing”. As you know, spontaneity brings a special essence to your wedding pictures, especially groomsmen photos. From getting ready to celebrate the beginnings with champagne, going the candid route will definitely capture the life of your celebration. Ideally, I encourage them to have fun, dance, and create a celebratory, festive atmosphere for a fun, lively, and entertaining session.

Lean Into the Natural Leader

When photographing a groom with his crew, I ensure I capture them in the best possible light. I prefer leaning into the group's natural leader and following their personalities. It's because there's sure to be one guy who can easily draw out natural smiles and laughter. Generally, I prefer capturing at least one standard pose and one funny pose. To start, I have groomsmen get closer to the groom for a fantastic shot and let them lean closer to capture their true spirit and personalities. For the fun part, the groom may have inside jokes with the men that can be used as inspiration and capture flattering expressions. I go for poses that make men look masculine and keep them moving. Why? Guys look great in action, so I show them engaged in conversation or putting on an accessory like a watch or cufflinks.

Get Individual Photos With Each Bridesmaid and Groomsman

As an Ottawa wedding photographer, I always recommend that wedding party photos be allotted at least 45 minutes to an hour for their session. During this time, we get a variety of shots in different poses. Also, this time is utilized effectively to get individual pictures with you and each of the groomsmen. I usually start with basic, classic photos focused on great expressions and lighting.

Make It A Hang Out, Rather Than A Race

As previously mentioned, you should allow ample time for your bridesmaid and groomsmen photos. Therefore, I work with them before the big day to ensure plenty of time to get the photos they expect. After all, photography is a big investment, and everyone, especially the close wedding party, deserves to have mementos of this special occasion. Remember, the time frames can expand or contract depending on the size of the wedding party. So, for specifics, be ready with the shot ideas and discuss them with the photographer in advance. Whatever you do, don’t rush into the experience. Instead, make it casual and keep the vibes going.

Have Both Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Be Present At The Same Time

You spend a lot of time bringing in friends and family members on your special day. Naturally, there is no better time for celebration! The best way of doing this is having both bridesmaids and groomsmen involved. When you bring together both sides, you will obviously want to take photos with the crew who have been an essential part of your lives. You can talk to your photographer about including time for the session with both bridesmaids and groomsmen. As an Ottawa wedding photographer, I am always experimenting and incorporating different angles and movements. I encourage the group to walk, jump, snuggle, and share moments of laughter to make it an enjoyable experience until I get great photos. 


With this, I conclude the essential tips for capturing amazing groomsmen photos. While the photographer is doing their job and capturing memorable moments, don't miss out on having fun and making your day joyous!

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